Individualized guidance to support your health

The natural health field can be an impenetrable jungle of hype and confusion – how do you know what type of diet, supplements, movement, meditation or other healing approaches, are really suited to you as an individual?

Here are some dilemmas you might be facing –

  • You’d like to upgrade your diet and lifestyle, eat healthier foods, feel better, have more energy and improve your resistance to illness – but popular nutritional programs don’t seem to work for you, and it always feels like a struggle.
  • You feel confused and frustrated with all the conflicting advice and multitude of hyped “health food” products.
  • You’re wondering why a diet or detoxification program that works for your friend or spouse doesn’t work for you or makes you feel worse.
  • You’ve taken nutritional supplements before, but they didn’t agree with you.
  • You’re confused as to what type of therapeutic bodywork would be best for your particular concern – chiropractic? massage? acupuncture? something else you’re not familiar with? – and how to choose among them and coordinate that work with the other things you’re doing.
  • You want to release unnecessary stress, but could never really sustain a relaxation or meditation program.
  • You want to understand which forms of movement and activity are best for you, to engage your creative energy and provide deep satisfaction and fulfillment.
  • You’re tired of feeling deprived on restrictive diets and struggling with fitness plans. You know there must be a way to get your health needs and your natural desires on the same team!

Now you can work with someone who can sort through the confusion. You’ll be guided in what’s right for you as an individual, no one-size-fits-all health fads or cupboards full of supplements. I can provide you with an integrated plan that cuts through confusion, and the various elements are coordinated so you don’t feel split in different directions. Your plan for healthy regimen can become very sensible and practical for you.  And the scope can be comprehensive or specifically focused on a particular issue – it’s all up to you.

The added benefit of email consults is that you’re no longer limited to local practitioners. A questionnaire that you complete before your initial consult helps me assess your needs.

Thoughts Create our Experience

Another important dimension that impacts healing is our habitual thoughts and held beliefs about what’s possible for us. These can often be very powerful, and for those who are inclined to engage this mental/emotional/spiritual aspect of their healing and release limiting beliefs, I’m delighted to discuss this area.

Learning new concepts and changing any kind of entrenched habit can be challenging. But a personalized program that provides just enough structure and support – without being rigid or overwhelming – will allow the wisdom of your body to begin to guide you in healthier choices.  And “healthier” means that you function at your best and fulfill more of who you are as an individual.

My approach is systematic yet highly flexible – some people do well with more structure, and some with less. We work toward your goals at your own pace cooperatively, with a one-time “mini-consult” or a more in-depth format.

Consults  are available by email, currently on a limited basis. Please contact me for availability.

I look forward to working with you!

Karen Robinson