What is Dynamic Regimen?


Dynamic Regimen is a multi-dimensional field including diet, nutrition, proper movement and sleep, and many lifestyle factors that impact health. It’s what most of the natural health field is concerned with but often approaches in a hit-or-miss, irrational manner with rigid rules to follow.

Instead, proper regimen is a systematic approach that works with your own natural instincts to support your optimal functioning and promote healing. The way we work is organized yet highly flexible to meet you right where you are now and guide you to your next step.

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Why is it “Dynamic?”

Regimen promotes balance or homeostasis of your life functions. It’s dynamic because these life functions are always in interrelationship, not isolated processes, and balance is constantly adjusting according to changing conditions.

A dynamic approach draws from a deep understanding of the functional relationships between body, mind, soul and spirit. The philosophy and principles are grounded in the work of Rudolf Steiner, Wilhelm Reich, and Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, and enriched by other contemporary researchers to create an ever evolving spiritual science.

Conventional nutritional science has a narrow scope, reducing the wholeness of who we are to biochemical formulas. On the other hand, “alternative” belief systems about diet and nutrition abound, but are usually not grounded in a rational, scientific approach.

But the Dynamic System provides a rational approach that heals that split.

One-size-fits-all programs and fad diets don’t work, because your biological typologies are individual, and your regimen needs to accommodate your individuality and wholeness.

The bottom line is that improving your regimen means you’ll be shoring up your life energy and strengthening yourself to resist illness, feel more healthy, and express more of who you are.

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