This service is currently available on a limited basis. Please contact me for availability.

I’d like to announce a service I’m offering that I think will be just the ticket when you need a quicker consult. For those who have some nagging questions about their health issues but aren’t ready to do a full consult, I’m now offering a shorter one for half my usual fee.

My fee is $30US for this mini-consult.

1. The quickest way: You can simply make a payment with the Paypal link below, send me an email with your concerns, including the relevant info, and I’ll send you my comments and recommendations.


2. If you’d like to fill out my health questionnaire, that will tell me more about you and help me get a better understanding of your needs. It includes space for a summary of your current concerns.

Either way, same fee, both pretty quick and efficient, your choice.  I always individualize my recommendations as far as possible, and you won’t receive one-size-fits-all generic responses.

The mini-consult is perfect for you if you…

  • need some input to help make informed choices for your health
  • have specific questions about nutrition, supplements or using homeopathy
  • just need some extra support when the bumps in the road feel extra bumpy

As my grandmother used to say, “What’s not to like?”

Make a Paypal payment here (credit cards accepted too) and get started with a mini-consult.

After payment, if you’d like to do the questionnaire, use the link provided that says “return to website” to access the online questionnaire page. Not hard to fill out, really, and just do the best you can. (The questionnaire is encrypted so your responses are as secure as private email.)

Then I’ll be in touch shortly, usually within 2 business days.

And don’t forget to come back and visit my two websites for a wealth of free articles and resources spanning the whole gamut of natural healing.

Thanks for staying tuned!


Karen Robinson DynNC