“Your work as I see it is a very sound way of encouraging people to look at life as more than merely a physical journey that needs to be fueled by foods. You weave into your advice the need to look to higher aspects of who we are. (I clicked on your link to the Steiner archive and then searched it for information on Cancer, for example.) This is what I am telling people is important when I talk with them.
I have been seeing more patients recently and some are newbies to alternative medicine and I am always seeking ways to gently open up their eyes to the expanded perspective of Heilkunst that goes beyond what the typical alt-med practitioner understands.”
Dr. Ralph Wilson, www.naturalconnectionshealthcare.com

“Your website is delightfully lucid and concise and illuminating.”
Dr. Ron Beare, homeopath and naturopath for 40 years

Karen has a remarkable ability to see both the forest and the trees. She has an amazing breadth of knowledge covering a wide variety of disciplines: nutrition, herbalism, homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, yoga, meditation and breathing techniques, and much, much more.

This broad-spectrum perspective, combined with Karen’s sensible, balanced and down-to-earth understanding of what constitutes health – by helping to identify and understand the real causes of problems, not simply erasing symptoms – has been of invaluable help to me and my family for a very long time.

From suggesting a consultation with a practitioner who could see beyond the limits of the over-specalized doctors who had given us a lengthy and useless series of guess-diagnoses, to on-the-mark recommendations for specific and easy-to-acquire remedies, to references to books pertinent to our particular circumstances, working with Karen has been extraordinarily beneficial – but in addition, it’s been fun!

It’s not just the immediate practical assistance but also the quiet help in moving forward in awareness and understanding that make Karen a very different kind of consultant.
– Janet Bennett, Educator and author

Karen Robinson works with cutting-edge techniques to help you heal and grow. I am proud to have her as a student and colleague. Visit her site and learn how this courageous soul transformed her own dramatic challenges into a joyful life.

– Jack Elias, CHt, Founder and Director of the Institute for Therapeutic Learning

I have known Karen for 15+ years. She is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met in the field of alternative health. She is familiar with most if not all wellness/self healing modalities and proficient in many. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone seeking to improve the quality of their health, life, and wellbeing.
D.F., Santa Fe, NM

What clients and subscribers have been saying…

I just want to say how great your approach is.  I wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do but it is.  Having someone make personal recommendations is so much better than trying to work it out for myself using information from the web.  Plus you see what I don’t.  Great.

I am totally absorbed by the info you sent, and the website, and have already referred several people to it.

Your work is important and so needed, now more than ever, I think.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for such a beautiful article. In a few paragraphs you simply and profoundly put into words what so many therapists/healers/counselors/coaches try to tell their clients to explain a holistic approach

I just wanted to say that I really enjoy getting your emails and I think you are a true inspiration.

Finally someone who speaks the truth.

You have a very helpful and interesting website. Thank you. I’ve spent the last couple of hours there.

Thanks again for all your input/suggestions/recommendations/advice. I feel you have changed a lot of my outlook – improved it, of course!

Hi Karen, your web page has left me speechless for once, I believe in what you have to say, thank-you so much for all your knowledge.

I just want to thank you for such a great little booklet on Oil Pulling. It’s just the perfect size for those who are not readers or into the Holistic reading (like my hubby). It was very well written and organized. It is fantastic starting point for those who are uninitiated. For those who have been introduced to Oil Pulling, it is a great reference guide and answers the many questions (and more) that arise from this venture. So I just wanted to drop you a line to say, Great Work, Really Appreciated and Thank You.
– Elizabeth from Montreal