What is Dynamic Regimen?

Regimen is the multi-dimensional field that includes diet, nutrition, exercise, proper sleep and many other lifestyle factors. This is the foundation of your health, supporting your optimal functioning by maintaining dynamic balance and promoting healing.

Improving your regimen means shoring up your life energy and strengthening yourself to resist illness and feel more healthy.

What is dynamic balance?

Balance is homeostasis, or the equilibrium of the functions of the organism. It’s dynamic because  your life functions are always in interrelationship, not isolated processes, and balance is constantly adjusting according to changing conditions.

Dynamic Regimen is concerned with balancing your biochemistry, but also with the more fundamental functions that drive the biochemistry. A dynamic approach draws from this deeper understanding of the functioning of body, mind and soul/spirit.

One-size-fits-all programs and fad diets don’t work, because your biological typologies are individual, and your regimen needs to accommodate your individuality.

Here’s a common predicament –

  • You’d like to upgrade your diet and lifestyle, eat healthier, maintain your best weight, have more energy and improve your resistance to illness – but popular nutritional programs don’t seem to work for you.

  • You feel confused and frustrated with all the conflicting advice and multitude of hyped “health food” products.
  • You’re wondering why a program that works for your friend or spouse doesn’t work for you.
  • You’re tired of feeling deprived on restrictive diets and struggling with fitness plans. You know there must be a way to get your health needs and your natural desires on the same team!

Now you can work with someone who can sort through the confusion – to advise on what’s right for you as an individual, working with the wisdom of your body, not fighting it.