The Dimensions of Healing

There are many dimensions, many levels of reality that we engage when we approach healing.

Sometimes we talk about a great technique for preventing and getting rid of dental plaque that can make a huge difference in your oral health and save teeth. Other times we talk about the deep emotional patterns that can keep you stuck in a chronic health condition, and how to become more conscious of those patterns so you can release them.

Some people prefer to work on the pragmatic side of things; and for others, it ultimately becomes most practical to work on the side that’s more difficult to access and more challenging to face, the emotional/spiritual side. Usually the best approach is an integration of both.

Personally I have felt at times that I needed a quick fix to “put out a fire” of an acute situation. That situation might have a proximal cause like “lack of iron.” But there may be deeper reasons why the body isn’t utilizing the iron it has, and then simply supplying more iron won’t work – we need to look to a deeper level of function and a deeper cause to remedy the problem.

But each person has their own unique path, and what one person needs to experience in order to heal can’t be compared to what another needs to experience.

In many areas of natural healing we encounter injunctions about what we must do in order to get well. Your intellect might agree and say, “Sure, I know I need to do that.”

But what often happens is that your unconscious is rebelling; you are feeling railroaded or admonished and not in resonance with this injunction – because your inner wisdom knows it’s not what you need right now, even if your intellect thinks so.

This is one of the important reasons why individualized guidance can be so helpful. You can get loads of great ideas about “the best new antioxidant” or “the best detox program.” No one needs my services to find out about the zillions of products that are on the market.

But do you really know that a particular product or program is what you really need at this time, and what your own body/mind is going to resonate with and make use of, safely and without causing more imbalances?

The choices that will really support your health, and not just temporarily cover up symptoms, require more than an intellectual, linear approach.

Health is more than biochemistry. Each person has a biochemical individuality – that’s complex enough! But also the blueprint for the biochemistry is the level of energy, the soul/spiritual level, and everything that manifests on the physical level has its seed in the soul/spiritual level.

That’s why we work on all these levels to get to the root of the problems and to support each level in its re-adjustment to a healthier condition.

Even dental plaque isn’t just about an imbalanced biochemistry!

But at a higher level it’s about emotional armoring – the emotional blockage we create in order to prevent the life force from expanding too much when there is a held emotional pattern of fear. The emotional armoring has its counterpart on the physical level often as muscular tension, and/or dental plaque – there are many ways the armoring can manifest.

So for example, I teach people about oral hygiene (the kind that really works safely, not the conventional dogma), and about diet and nutritional supplements to rebuild the body and remineralize the teeth, but also about the emotional issues that can be blocking the healing process.

Healing can be complex, but doesn’t need to be complicated. There are many facets, many dimensions, but a rational program can be devised that honors your completely individual path and doesn’t leave your inner child throwing a tantrum!